Week 2 Modes of Research and Communication

All digital projects have certain structural features in common. Some are built on “platforms” using software that has either been designed specifically from within the digital humanities community (eg Omeka, a possible platform you might use for your final projects), … Read More

Exploring Digital Humanities Projects

Making Some Notes and Narrating Your Process   One of the exercises this week will require us to use an online tool to organize our research as we explore digital humanities projects. In the video below, Annelise outlines how applications … Read More

Week 1: Introductions and Interfaces

In the everyday practice of digital research and knowledge production, documenting your work is key. That includes documenting when things do not go as planned. But how do we document our work in digital environments, which often appear far more … Read More

Using Hypothes.is

Throughout the course we will be annotating readings as a class.  We will be using web annotation tool http://hypothes.is. This brief video introduces the idea of web annotation and intended goals of Hypothes.is . Traditional annotations are marginalia, errata, and … Read More

Setting Up Your Domain and Your WordPress Site

This video illustrates how you can get your domain setup using CPanel at https://reclaimhosting.com/shared-hosting/ Note: This video illustrates everything you need to get your domain setup, but does not demonstrate the entry of the promotional code: engl201 Be sure to enter … Read More