English 201: Computing in the Humanities – Course Audit

The reason I signed up for this summer course is because I wanted to get credits, as I am very close to being eligible to graduate with a degree in Computer Science from UNBC. The main reason this course caught my interest is because it had the word “Computing” in the course title. As a […]… Read More

Course Audit

Welcome, When we began this course approximately six weeks ago, I truly had no idea what I was doing. In the opening days I sent out several e-mails, and even had to schedule a phone call to receive any information I could in regards to figure out what I was suppose to do. I had …

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Week 6 – ENGL 201 Final Course Audit

Welcome to another blog post! Before I started this digital humanities (ENGL 201) course approximately six weeks ago, I think I had unknowingly been doing things that were related to digital humanities. Personally, I had never thought of it as digital humanities specifically. I had always thought of digital humanities in more general terms as […]… Read More

Weeks 5 and 6 – Project Description

Welcome to another blog post! For my final project, I chose to highlight the historical usage of plants among the Indigenous communities of British Columbia. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, the idea to undertake this project came about because I had enrolled in an Ethnobotany class in this past Winter 2018 semester. […]… Read More

Week 6- Final Project Description

Here is the link to my final project: http://haleeasturgeon.com/NorthernBCLiterature/ The audience targetted for my project are post-secondary students from Northern, BC, as well as anyone else interested in the subject matter. The purpose of the project is to create a space where someone can learn about Northern BC literature, different authors from the North, and …… Read More

Week 6- Course Audit

1.) What were your expectations coming into the course based on the course title and description? How has the course met (or differed from) your initial expectations? My expectations coming into the course based on the course title and description most definitely differed from the course iself, but not necessarily in a negative way. When …… Read More

The Keats Connections Project Description

The Keats Connections Project is a digital humanities project with the purpose of articulating contextual and historical connections between the poetry of John Keats and his life and letters. The aim of Keats Connections is to be a resource encompassing all 241 letters and all 54 poems of John Keats, making connections between them and…… Read More

Project Description

Title of my project: Safety of Formula One Drivers: A History URL to my project prototype: https://safety-of-formula-one-drivers-a-history.wikia.com/wiki/Safety_of_Formula_One_Drivers:_A_History_Wiki# —————————————————————————————————————————————– The farther back one looks at the history of F1 racing, the more dangerous the sport was for the drivers. In the earliest years of F1, the race cars were designed strictly for speed, with no consideration […]… Read More

Engl 201: Computing in the Humanities Course Audit

English 201: Computing in the Humanities is the course at my university that begun this “adventure” in digital humanities, and the instructor has asked that we provide a more open and developed response to the course through our blogs. He gave us prompts to respond to, and this post outlines my feedback and thoughts to…… Read More

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