Using to annotate the web

Throughout the course we will be annotating readings as a class.  We will be using web annotation tool This brief video introduces the idea of web annotation and intended goals of . Traditional annotations are marginalia, errata, and … Read More


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Grant Potter has been a faculty member at UNBC since 2007 and works with the UNBC Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology overseeing the university’s instructional design and instructional technology operations. Grant is an advocate of open educational practices, open source … Read More


ENGL201 @UNBC – Digital Humanities  Tools, Techniques, and Culture of the Digital Humanities  Course Site:  Instructor: Grant Potter  Embedded Librarian: Annelise Dowd  Annelise Dowd is the embedded librarian for ENGL 201, meaning that Annelise will be providing instruction and … Read More